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  • Advanced practice and understanding of semantic, standards-compliant ‘table-less’ HTML/CSS design that meets or exceeds current W3C standards for maximum SEO, accessibility and cross platform/browser compatibility.
  • Utilizes key design principles and industry standards to ensure clear navigation, GUI, content design and ease of use for target audiences.
  • Proven collaboration with colleagues, team members and key stakeholders to capture design requirements, produce functional prototypes and translate them into captivating, rich, interactive experiences that meet or exceed business requirements.
  • Comprehensive problem solving, programmatic and technical skills that allow for rapid, efficient development, integration and debugging of code/ browser compatibility issues with solid, quickly asserted solutions.
  • Strong written and verbal skills to effectively communicate with business partners, colleagues & outside vendors.
  • Extensive resource management experience, dealing directly with service providers to maintain set schedules for both production and budget, as well as ensure a quality finished product.


Expert level experience in:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5+
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5+
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5+
  • Adobe InDesign CS5+
  • Adobe Flash CS5+, Actionscript 2/3
  • Symantec, 'table-less' HTML4/5 and supporting CSS2/3
  • DOM-based, object-oriented, unobtrusive javascript utilizing jQuery framework and AJAX
  • FTP utilities such as Ipswitch, Wsftp, Cyberduck and others
  • Macintosh OSX & Windows-based PC maintenance, configuration and troubleshooting

Advanced skills in:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Team Foundation Server
  • design/development
  • Microsoft Visual Source Safe
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional CS3
  • Webtrends & Google Analytics integration and reporting
  • Various tools to assist in SEO, pagerank and site optimization (Google analytics,, W3C validator etc.)
  • Microsoft Office/Open Office/Google Docs


Over 20 years of tangible, demonstrated experience in graphic design, web design and development, marketing, project management and digital pre-press makes for a truly unique blend of skills and expertise. Strong programming credentials, perceptive analytical ability, excellent communication skills and expansive design portfolio accentuate an unyielding “profit and loss” mindset, backed by resolute work and personal ethics. Deeply self-motivated, this energetic team player pursues a continual devotion to finding better, simpler, faster solutions to even the most complex problems within an equally composed group of professionals.


Baptist Health, Jacksonville, FL
Senior Web Producer
May 2010 - Present

Originally contracted as Sr. Web Designer to assist in the design, implementation and complete restructuring of the Baptist Health's Primary Care website in an effort to gain a greater eMarketing presence and branded image for their physicians.

Quickly adapted to a .NET authoring environment, including the daily use of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server as development tools for nearly all aspects of the project, including HTML 4/5, CSS-p, XML, JS/jQuery and dynamic C# based content. Advised and assisted .NET developers in implementing solutions to underlying programmatic code for greater accessibility, W3C standards compliance and advancing search engine (SEO) results. Worked closely with development team, along with 3rd party vendors, to dynamically populate many aspects of the site with XML data and web service requests. Applied cutting-edge CSS techniques, unobtrusive JavaScript and AJAX methods to achieve a robust user interface which not only degraded gracefully, but was 100% cross-browser compatible and visually identical in legacy browsers. Site launch and continued monitoring/adjustment of site SEO resulted in 85 of 104 physicians placing #1 rank on Google within 6 months, with the remaining providers ranking first page. Additional enhancements made by implementing detailed Google Analytics and Webtrends tracking, including varied profiles and funnel metrics, allowing the organization to measure metrics site statistics over time.

Then hired on as full time Senior Web Producer in February, 2011 and tasked as lead in the visual design, planning, structure and implementation of an entirely new web presence for the Baptist Health organization, refining and adapting code and architecture introduced with the Primary Care website. Tight integration with 3rd party vendors such as Staywell, Facebook, Meltwater News, LinkedIn and EventBrite via API's and web service requests helped to amplify the overall user experience and decentralize data, allowing various departments of the organization more control over individual content. Directly assisted in the parallel development of a robust, MVC-based application that allowed individual physicians to modify and adjust many aspects of their profiles, improving the end user experience and enhancing the providers' sense of involvement. Detailed Google Analytics and Webtrends tracking, reporting and funnel metrics were also implemented throughout this project, as they were in the previous, and is scheduled to launch end of Q4 2012.

Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon), Jacksonville, FL
Senior Web Designer/Developer (Contractor)
May 2008 - May 2010

Employed as a contractor for a division of a major pharmaceutical company with home offices in Jacksonville, FL and global operations worldwide. Initially brought in as a Design II - Web support role to assist two other contract designers with basic workflow and change requests, the responsibilities quickly grew to include management, integration, execution and troubleshooting of materials for high-profile projects, such as a completely new site for their flagship product, (launched October 2008) Key roles included:

Key Roles:

  • Directly managed, advised and delegated requests to a local staff of designers, as well as an outsourced team located in Brazil. Daily interaction and oversight of both teams ensured that tasks were completed to business' specification, while remaining compliant with Johnson & Johnson branding/WICO guidelines.
  • Applied advanced semantic, standards-compliant techniques utilizing HTML/DHTML, unobtrusive JavaScript and CSS-p to achieve dynamic, cutting-edge designs for numerous consumer and professional sites, resulting in an enhanced user experience and greater response.
  • Provide deep analytical support to quickly debug and successfully resolve CSS, HTML DOM and application logic problems within dynamic JAVA based pages, static HTML/DHTML pages as well as detailed, previously written JavaScript code.
  • Assisted in the design, planning, and integration of IT department "sprint release" scheduling for projects, change requests and reporting, greatly enhancing department efficiency and providing accurate metrics to management.
  • Oversee and maintain relationships with national and international outsourced agencies to ensure proper delivery and execution of projects.
  • Work extensively with other IT departments to ensure proper delivery of website material and multimedia, as well as proper configuration of iPlanet web servers for vanity urls, 301 redirects and similar requirements.
  • Assigned to analyze, integrate, troubleshoot and launch advanced Webtrends tracking on various sites, as well as dynamic integration into agency-supplied Flash files in actionscript 2/3 for proper reporting and usability.
  • Successfully developed, integrated and launched numerous 'micro' projects which utilized advanced Flash and Actionscript 2/3 techniques to allow for 100% dynamically driven content, such as XML driven applications, surveys and presentations.
  • Instituted a proactive approach to assisting JAVA developers by quickly adapting to a .jsp based authoring environment, allowing a dramatic improvement in workflow, time management and project turnaround.
  • Tasked to conceptualize, create and execute logos and campaigns for internal use, such as the yearly United Way Campaign, which resulted in exceptional participation/donations.
  • Generate Webtrends reports, provide analytical support on use trends, and report to the business on an as-needed basis.
  • Provided department-wide training to both designers and JAVA developers in the areas of semantic, 'table-less' CSS design and layout, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML DOM structure, Actionscript 2/3, as well as cross browser/cross platform compatibility and performance. This greatly enhanced department productivity and efficiency.
  • Received additional Adobe-certified FLEX training, project management guidance and Microsoft application groundwork, further enriching a robust business knowledge base.

Contract was subsequently extended/renewed over four times.

Fluent Consulting Group (Self), Jacksonville, FL
Managing Director/Lead Developer
January 2004 - May 2008

Bridged the gap between professional service and small business budget by providing small and medium sized businesses with solutions, experience and personal attention that is generally available only to large scale businesses with Fortune 500 style budgets. Directly responsible for the concepts, design, programming, integration and project management of numerous websites, interactive multimedia and printed material campaigns for a wide range of national clients, with a focus on brand consistency and best practices.

An extensive knowledge, practice and understanding of design and programming standards, coupled with over a decade of experience using industry-standard software, allowed for rapid deployment of new projects. Extensive use of open-source technologies and software packages, combined with a strong understanding and application of PHP and mySQL, provided enterprise-level functionality, while remaining well within the client's budgets.

Marketing Consultant, UBS PaineWebber, Jacksonville, FL
January 2002 - November 2002

Developed extensive and ever-evolving national direct marketing campaign for individual brokers within UBS PaineWebber's Jacksonville, FL and St. Simon's Island, GA branches. Ideas and materials provided by the Vice President and Branch Manager were conceptualized and then designed to appeal to affluent investors, utilizing stock photography and corporate approved copy. Customized brochures, numerous direct mail and direct eMail campaigns, templated proposal packages, tradeshow booth designs, sales sheets and general client retention materials were created.

Managed and directed a host of both local and national service providers, including printers, suppliers and direct mail houses. Worked directly with UBS Compliance Department for material approval and signoff, refining the designs as needed to meet industry guidelines set by the SEC and UBS PaineWebber Corporate. Travel to assist in public relations, on-site marketing and proper tradeshow booth setup at nationally recognized events, such as the Money $how in Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV.

TorQ Design (self), Ormond Beach, FL
Managing Director/Sole Proprietor
August 1999 - January 2002

Created a successful startup company developing web, print and multimedia promotions for a wide range of nationwide clients. Conceptualized, developed and deployed numerous HTML and Flash-based websites and online presentations, enhanced with matching printed promotions. Provided entire campaigns of a consistent, targeted look across each clients' marketing brand, thus resulting in a dramatic increase of interest in their offerings, increased online traffic and ultimately company wide sales. Consultation during clients' yearly budgeting ensured a 'blanketed' marketing campaign that would deliver greater overall response with less overhead.

Granada Graphics, Ormond Beach, FL
Art Director
January 1997 - August 1999

Utilized mastery of Macintosh computer systems and extensive design background to create dynamic print and multimedia promotions for a large format print, design and fabrication facility. Conceptualized and developed corporate identities, ad campaigns and tradeshow graphics for a wide range of clientele including LPGA, NASCAR, Real 3D, Dodge and a host of Fortune 1000 companies. Exclusively produced 3-D models and renderings of conceptual trade show booths, point of purchase displays and digital graphics which, in turn, streamlined operations and reduced costly changes by allowing the client to visually see the design/setup and make edits before production began.

Single-handedly implemented time tracking software across multi-user network, increasing workflow by allowing accurate billing and time management. Applied cross-platform knowledge to customer supplied files for output on an array of large format digital printers and output devices. Assisted in the configuration and maintenance of a twelve station Macintosh based network, two Windows-NT print servers, a Macintosh print/file server, three Colorspan digital printers, a Canon CLC printer and received in-depth 'hands-on' working experience with the GBC Orca III Laminating machine.

International Speedway Corporation, Daytona Beach, FL
Design Associate
November 1996 - January 1997

Production designer for a multi-million-dollar motorsports company, generating event logos, brochures, catalog covers and race-related promotions. Worked directly with NASCAR on numerous projects, effectively executing concepts to final product. Assisted in the implementation of internal time tracking software across multi-station network, streamlining workflow by allowing accurate time management and budgeting. Provided maintenance and technical assistance on a multi-station cross platform internal LAN structure, including installation of additional Macintosh hardware/software.

S2 Advertising, Daytona Beach, FL
Senior Designer/Technical Lead
November 1995 - June 1996

Employed by a top-rated local design firm to apply extensive hardware and software expertise in the digital expansion the agency. Base installation and configuration of Macintosh 8500 workstation, including peripheral devices, memory and software applications. Applied distinct digital design techniques and comprehensive, working knowledge of industry software and pre-press operations, which immediately reduced production costs, leading to the addition of second networked workstation. Educate the Creative Director in Macintosh OS navigation and software, which further increased department productivity.

Response Mail Express/DME, Daytona Beach, FL
Creative Director
November 1993 - November 1995

Internally promoted within the company (Direct Mail Express) over a two year period from entry-level direct mail designer to Department Manager and on to Creative Director for a new internal venture - Response Mail Express. This new role was solely responsible for the design, production and execution of 32 different direct mailing packages, from concept to final film, matchprint and printing. Worked directly with the USPS compliance department to ensure that the package designs met USPS guidelines, which were ultimately 100% approved for use. Months of preparation, planning and effort resulted in an initial order of over 3.5 million envelopes.

Obtained direct 'hands-on' knowledge of pre-press operations including film stripping, matchprint creation, bluelines and platemaking. This allowed for more accurate creation/preparation of digital files prior to film output, thus resulting in fewer mistakes and more efficient production.


Bauder College, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Associates - Commercial Art/Advertising Design

Graduated in July, 1991 with a degree in Advertising Design. GPA 3.6. Course studies included photography, design, color technique, airbrush, typography, package design and computer illustration. Additional field training received - beyond the scope of the school program - utilizing Macintosh computer system to create digital artwork and designs for reproduction in both spot color and 4-color process.