Personal summary:

I truly love what I do for a living, and carry that passion and creativity into my personal life to enrich those around me. I'm always looking for new ways to improve myself, both in my career and in my personal life, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others - whether job related or not. One can never stop learning/growing, and I honestly feel that creativity is contagious.

After years of going it "on my own," and learning many new experiences one would never see as just a designer, I'm ready to get back into a fun, creative, energetic team that feeds off of itself. My diverse background in both print and web/interactive mediums brings much to the table, and I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with the right creative team.

A bit of Q & A

Q: Why do you work?

Because I love to design... to build things... to create something tangible from just an idea... to help bring something to life that many people simply couldn't comprehend.

Q: How would you describe your office space?

Clean, comfortable, simple, although sometimes cluttered. (like during tax time)

Q: What's your career ambition?

To always come up with new ways to reinvent myself and expand my abilities. To use these talents in a truly "team" based environment where energy feeds from each member's abilities, experience and talents.

Q: What's your dream job?

To be in a very creative, fun, team-based environment where you can feel the energy, and everyone actually enjoys coming to work.

Q: What's your dream job location?

Somewhere closer to mountains and some terrain. After 20+ years in the flatlands of Florida, I would really like to experience the hiking, mountainbiking, snowboarding and other activities that I only get a taste of now and again.

Q: What was your first real job?

Well, as a teenager, I was a lowly busboy. But in my professional life, I started at a small design agency in Pompano Beach, Florida, where I worked on a teeny tiny Mac Classic and a 8" screen, printing lasers and doing paste-up/rubylith for various newspaper advertisements.

Q: Who have you most admired in your career?

The innovative groups of people (like Google) who have become a success without sacrificing their values.

Q: How would your coworkers describe you?

Honest, respectable, driven and generous.

Q: What's your lunchtime ritual?

Typically re-heating the previous evening's leftovers. :-P

Q: What three things at work do you find most satisfying?

- Taking something that's just a concept or idea, making it come to life and blowing others' minds by doing so.
- Just dealing with technology and the ever-changing potential that comes with it.
- Helping others/paying it forward. (making a difference)

Q: What's the most rewarding thing about your job?

Helping others become successful or feel pride, whether from a client, colleague or friendship standpoint.

Q: What book are you currently reading?

I'm not. Most of the reading I do comes from the net, and is almost always reference material. (boring, I know)

Q: What's playing on your playlist?

My custom "Jason MRAZ" station on

Q: What do you do to blow off steam?

Take the boat out on the water. Take a long hike with my dogs and enjoy all the beauty that nature puts in front of us. Take a trip into the N.C. mountains for a nice retreat.

Q: What's your morning commute like?

A grueling 30 minute commute across the Buckman Bridge. That is, of course, unless someone decides to create chaos by blocking the right 2 lanes. Then it's over an hour commute.

Q: What are your pets' names?

Snoop (my 'first born') and Kodiak (my 'special needs' child)... :-P